Tournaments are events held where ship designs compete in elimination brackets. Each ship fits into a category of similar ships which it fights. Fights are conducted automatically. The first tournaments conducted by the developer Arthur went with the following format.

Original Format used by Arthur

  1. Fights are 1v1.
  2. Two ships will be selected at random from the files submitted for that category.
  3. They are spawned in at a random range between 3000 and 4000 from each other.
  4. If neither ship is destroyed within 90 seconds of being spawned, the ship that has caused more damage wins.
  5. Each fight is replicated until one ship has won twice (best 2 out of 3).
  6. It is a single elimination bracket, so after each round the number of participants halve.
  7. We will list each ship's name and how far the design went afterwards. We will also use the name associated with the submission to honor the top designers in each category.

General restrictions are that you can only use parts obtainable in the campaign, and no factories. There are also a few other restrictions, and category-specific restrictions. This page is for archiving the results of past tournaments.

Starting in the second Kickstarter Tournament (9/21/14) the tournaments were conducted slightly differently. Before the stream, each ship fought every other ship in a "Round Robin" and the win/loss ratios were used to determine which ships entered a 16-ship final elimination round. Each competitor was allowed a maximum of 2 ship designs into the finals to keep the finals competitive and varied. This meant that, if 16 or less ships in total were submitted to a category, the Round Robin would not eliminate any ships from the finals, but would give a good idea of which ships would do well in the finals.

Starting in the third Kickstarter Tournament (9/28/14) two new rules for all categories were added. These were: no ships with a radius larger than 1000, and no ships with a minimal thrust/weight ratio (exact numbers yet to be determined).

So far, every tournament has had four general categories and Tanks. Category restrictions:


250 P or less.


1000 P or less.


3000 P or less.


6000 P or less.


2000 P or less. Only weapons allowed are Plasma Cannons. No shields.

In the PAX tournament there were 3 unique special categories.


2000 P or less. Only missiles allowed.


1000 P or less. No hull, shields, or containers allowed.


1500 P or less. Only proton swords allowed.

In the first Kickstarter tournament there were two non-faction 8 categories. Both had a P limit of 1000.

PAX Tournament (8/24/2014) Edit

Forum post with Youtube links:

Categories Winner Ship Runner up Ship
Probe Agent S-315 Protohara Probe Mk. 2 Agent S-315 Protohara Drone
Interceptor Sirboomalot Urchin Agent S-315 Kyawanai Heavy Assault Fighter
Cruiser Agent S-315 Himawari Battlecarrier Agent S-315 Sakurako Heavy Battlecruiser
Dreadnought Amazigh Ontos Camo5 Battledeath
Macross Sirboomalot Missile-Barge Camo5 Camotol
Glass Amazigh Cyrano Deceleration Glass Bowtie
Sword Amazigh Dimachaerus CrimsonCrow Octo
Tanks Camo5 TANK Amazigh Volkh

Kickstarter Tournament #1 (9/14/2014) Edit

Reassembly Tournament 9-14-2014

Reassembly Tournament 9-14-2014

First Kickstarter Tournament video

Categories Winner Ship Runner up Ship
Probe Deceleration Blizzard Deceleration Pestilence Mk. I
Interceptor Deceleration Absolute Zero Colin Arrow
Cruiser Deceleration Carapace Deceleration Weiss
Dreadnought Camo5 Battle Destroyer Deceleration Ruby Rose
Proton Amazigh Dimachaerus Mod-A Amazigh Dimachaerus Mod-B
Faction 3 Camo5 Frigate Deceleration Hellspawn
Faction 4 Deceleration Lay-Sore Camo5 Laserer
Tanks Deceleration Bleeding Heart Amazigh Volkh Mod-A

Kickstarter Tournament #2 (9/21/2014) Edit

Round Robin results:
Reassembly Tournament 9-22-2014-0

Reassembly Tournament 9-22-2014-0

Second Kickstarter Tournament video

Categories Winner Ship Runner up Ship
Probe Amazigh Lancier MauranKilom Layer(s)wor(d)
Interceptor Colin Barbed Arrow Deceleration Anvil
Cruiser MauranKilom OhFork Sirboomalot Swordier MK 4
Dreadnought Camo5 ubersmasher6000 Amazigh Ontos Mod-C
Proton Deceleration Fleeing French Army Amazigh Dimachaerus Mod-C
Tanks Deceleration Twilight Sparkle Camo5 supertank2

Kickstarter Tournament #3 (9/28/2014) Edit

Categories Winner Ship Runner up Ship


Probe: 250 P or less

Interceptor: 1000 P or less

Cruiser: 3000 P or less

Dreadnought: 6000 P or less

Proton: 2000 P or less. Only weapons allowed are Proton Beams and Proton Swords.

Tanks: 2000 P or less. Only weapons allowed are Plasma Cannons. No shields.

Scoreboard (first 3 tournaments) Edit

Players Categories won Runner ups Total
Deceleration 7 6 13
Amazigh 5 5 10
Camo5 4 4 8
Agent S-315 2 3 5
Sirboomalot 2 1 3
Colin 1 1 2
MauranKilom 1 1 2
Crimson Crow 1 1
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