Faction 13 : Spikey Plants
Faction 13
Laser Plant Cruisers
Faction Attributes
  • Expansive faction
  • Defensive Behavior

Faction 13 ( Spikey Plants ) is an unplayable faction composed of plants that are hostile towards any other faction they encounter.

They are capable of expanding at a rapid rate due to both their innate resource generation and their rapid replication rate, allowing them to quickly cover large areas in plantlife.

They consist of both rooted plants, and mobile flying versions. Both are armed with dumbfire spike missiles, and spinal "plant lasers".

Their defensive behavior is by their plant will endlessly firing an unguided rockets and direct laser cannons if they are managed to in possible ways. It will only provoked by firing by the players, allies, or different factions.

Their segments are very weak that can be destroy through it with ease. Thus, since their weak segments can trade with quick assemble that can scale larger ships and powerful arsenals or longer plant structures.

They behavior similar to space plants, as the end of the roots will spawn seed. They are two ways they produce: They will launch the seed that seeks to any surfaces to grow into plant in endless cycles, others will assemble themselves into a ships.

Trivia Edit

  • They are often quite annoying and obnoxious to players with weak CPU's due to the accumulating numbers of spikes they launch. It is recommended to destroy them, or avoid them.