Faction 10
The Corruption (also referred as Outcasts)
Faction Attributes
  • Assimilated other faction's designs
  • Unplayable even if modify cvars.txt file

Faction 10 does not have any ideological differences to any other factions... The only difference came at their twisted color of their ships. In fact a story could have established a fact that they've been created by an mysterious race and the fact that during their creation they have assimilated many other ships from other factions and turned them against their kind, thus causing chaos during ancient times. This faction has been referred as Outcasts, Corruptions, and Abominations...


The Faction 10 shown mixed with of players' versatile designs and arguably strong despite to their size. The common and generic designs are appear as magenta and that similar to Faction 8's generic designs. It is how, must prepared upon entering to their territories.

The scale of their territories are small and rare to appear in the game. But a decent amount of ships appeared to their sector.

These faction may have sheer number of unique ships such as this:

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Trivia Edit

  • Though, Faction 10's ships have different colors made by the players' design still, does not conflict on each other nor bother them to see as enemies.
  • Despite the color of the designed ships, their territory color are still magenta even if its cover of a new sectors by a different colored ships, however it is unknown whether the corruption was intelligent enough to revert back to the original ship colors in order to deceive others, or it's just a malfunction in their part.
  • They are some ships are Agents that appeared during the players' game play. And it is common.
    • Some others are the faction themselves or as agents.
    • It is possible to appear larger ones (Capital-class ships) instead, it will appear as a wreckage in-between war of factions' graveyards.
      • It can be rare (or not) to appear as a non-agent.
        • It only appears in Sandbox Mode.
  • The original Faction 10's ships are Faction 8's ships and made by the alpha tester.
    • If the developer have chosen a new winner in the Tournament, he will add it to this faction.
    • Some of the Faction 10's ships are moved into Faction 8 making as official generic design.
    • It does not appear any faction and their lack of factories will easily distinguish their existence, unless moved into a new world(s).