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There are some factions in the game that can be encountered, but cannot be played as. These Non Player Factions (NPFs), are not designed to be played as, or used by the player. NPF's are part of the "ecosystem" of Reassembly, and often don't pose a large threat in themselves, serving as entertaining skirmishers rather than well established adversaries like the playable factions.

Faction 6: The Borg : A collection of cube entities, often with bases on asteroids.

Faction 7: The Flies : Self replicating runners that can pester and infest unguarded locations.

Faction 10 : The Contestants : Alpha Tester ships and winners from past Anisoptera Games Tournaments.

Faction 13: Spikey Plants : Plants, that have developed defenses against daring ships.

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Most of these factions lack certain quality of life utilities such as power generators ( Flies, Spikey plants ) or factories ( Borg ).

It is possible to play as these factions, using a faction altering modification from the Reassembly Steam Workshop. However, it is not advised.

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