Description Edit

Weapon Attributes
Damage (PR) 20/round
Fire Rate 5 rounds/sec
Turret Turnrate 344 degrees/sec
Range 600
Velocity 1200
Health 38
Mass 14
Energy consumption 6/shot
Regrowth (seconds) 3.0 secs
P required 6P
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.
The Blaster is the second cheapest weapon of the Reds, with only their Anti-Missile Laser being cheaper. While cost effective at close range, it is bested at knife-fighting distance by the Quantum Doom Beam and Proton Sword.

Strategy Edit

The blaster has a very good DPS for P, turreted mount, and has decent range to boot. Enemies with close range weapons should be held in the upper range of this turret to avoid significant damage to your hull. Relative to the Anti-Missile Laser, the Blaster has terrible turnrate, damage that will overkill most projectiles, and has a large energy consumption, making it poor for point defense.