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Blast Pulser
Blast Pulser 20160717
Weapon Attributes
Damage (PR) 20
Burst Size (rounds) 50
Fire Rate 75
Projectiles Spread (+-degrees) +-180
Range 600
Velocity 500
Health 241
Mass 72
Energy consumption 7 (per rounds)
Regrowth (seconds) 3.3
P required 28
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.

Description Edit

The Blast Pulser is a burst projectile weapon that saturates a broad arc with weak bullets. It cannot be aimed. Its firing direction is indicated by the red line shown when placing it.

Uses Edit

This weapon is best used to counter anything fast or numerous at close range, including fighters, Flies and Plants.

Though it is configured as a left-click weapon by default, It can also be effective when set to point defense. Several firing together can create a nearly impenetrable field of bullets.

Disadvantages Edit

It's most obvious weakness is it's inability to fight against single or stationary targets; even at melee range much of the weapon's damage output is wasted.

Because of the sheer volume of fire, it also consumes over 500 energy per second while firing, as much as many factions' capital-class heavy weapons. A ship using several of these will need additional Generators, or use hit-and-run tactics to avoid running out of power.

Finally, the use of only a moderate number of these weapons will quickly lag the game due to the great number of projectiles produced.