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Agent S-315
• 1/12/2015

Weaponry pages creation needed.

Recently the developer of the game has added the ability for you to play as new factions... So that also raise the need of new pages of weapons being created for each factions, please note that when you creating these page you should edit in source editor and copy this code first in the upper of the page:

<center> <h5 style="border: 1px solid #205079; padding:7px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px;">NAVIGATION: [[Components]] > {{PAGENAME}}</h5> </center>

And please don't forget to insert a WeaponInfobox template we've created.

How to gather weapons and modules static data?

First off you need to create your game with specific faction you wish to gather data on, secondly hover around each components of the faction on the upgrade screen and look at the graph on the left, fill in the stat number on the corresponding spot on the weapon infobox template, for example beam weapon damage stat should go to the damage per second and charging and burst type weapon should go to the damage per discharge, normal projectile weapon should go to the damage per rounds.

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Agent S-315
• 1/1/2015

Please check on this page to see list of pages that need to be created, red links mean the pages has not been created yet:

• 1/4/2015

Here is the Weapon template:

While creating and editing the weaponry pages you could add it via the add template button, if anyone have any question about it ask me.

Still the Module template is under development:

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